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  Forum Trasee / Ture Would it be proper for me to ask for advice in English? (17)

hi, first of all, take care with the weather:
On Transfagarasan and in Fagaras it's a lot of snow, i saw on camera and on TV.
for one day you can try Cabana Piscul Negru (1200m) - Lespezi Peak (2522m), or for 3 days: Balea lac - Cabana Podragu (1'st day), Podragu - Moldoveanu peak - Podragu (2'nd day), and the last day return to Balea. But the weather... take care and try to talk with salvamont service at Balea before you go on mountain :

Sâmbătă, 22 septembrie 2012 - 18:49


So last question before takeoff. I've already gotten advice on one alternative to the trip I described, and I'd like some more.
The plan is to leave from Brasov and go to one of the Cabana's on the trans Fagaras. I have 3 days, 4 at most to spend on those mountains. Where should I go?
This should be a hike not a climb. Though a bit of a scramble might be acceptable too

Thanks again for all the help!

Sâmbătă, 22 septembrie 2012 - 11:45


Ratza, you haven't met the shepherds i've met :-P (yes, yes, it was a mistake, i repent!)

Vineri, 14 septembrie 2012 - 11:17

rasnoveanul, none of the shepherds I've ever met barked at me, at least until now. They have dogs to do that.

Vineri, 14 septembrie 2012 - 07:44

I would not be worried about the shepherd's dogs. Sheep flocks leave the high altitudes (over 1500m) in the first days of September, and come back only in the next spring - usually middle of May.

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 19:14

Yes. But look on the bright side of things: the dogs are not mad.

(Da. Asa este, enervant si jenant, dar asta doar daca ai un bat infipt in fundulet sau esti complet lipsit de simtul umorului. Sunt convins ca partenerul nostru nu este asa.)

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 15:38


Actually, now that i think about it, there's very low chances you'll meet shepherd between Balea and Sambata, and even if you do, they're used to plenty of tourists, they probably won't even bark at you.

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 15:30


Again, I forgot something: weather can be very erratic especially in Fagaras. I got very cold and rainy weather in august, so end of sept can really be anything from summer-like to almost winter conditions. Wind stopper and polars are a must. A warm hat might be helpful if it's cold. You might be lucky and it will be warm, but being prepared is always better.

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 15:12


Going with bikes in Bucegi is a good idea if you're into it, there are plenty of tracks there. I'm not a biker myself so i can't recommend anything.

Canionul 7 Scari is not in Bucegi though, it's in Piatra Mare, closer to Brasov.

From Zarnesti, in Piatra Craiului mountains, there's different options of hikes you can do, depending on how fit/experienced you are.
Curmatura -> Piatra Mica -> CUrmatura (great views towards Zarnesti, rather short hike)
Curmatura -> Ascutit Peak -> Curmatura (fastest way to the true ridge, then back to the chalet)
Curmatura -> Saua Padinei Inchise -> Ascutit peak -> Curmatura (slightly longer, you do a small bit of the lower ridge)

medium/high difficulty:
Curmatura -> Turnu peak -> Ascutit peak -> Curmatura (a fairly difficult climb to Turnu peak, then you do the lower/slightly forested ridge)

very long/difficult options:
- Curmatura -> Ascutit peak -> La Om peak -> La Table -> Curmatura (you do most of the northern ridge, but i'm not sure the going back route is well marked, there might be a few dodgy points). Very long trip, only for really fit people and it has some issues with orientation.

If you're really fit, instead of the round trip, you can do a cross trip, from Curmatura chalet to Plaiul Foii chalet (the other way is even better). This is way longer, a full day trip, physically demanding with difficult sections as well.

Regarding Fagaras, chalets are ok, cooked food, but make sure you book in advance, in the weekend Podragu and Sambata are crowded as hell.

Regarding shepherd dogs, i don't agree with ratza, i just face them calmly, use my sticks to keep some distance, not by hitting them but just to have a sort of buffer. And i slowly walk out of "their" area, while still sort of facing them. Never had any problem with them, other than being barked on for 5-10 mins :-)

Relax and enjoy Romania

PS: If you plan on using a taxi, especially at the airport, you might want to read on the internet how to avoid those that overcharge. It's a nuisance. (Baieti, e totusi enervant si jenant)

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 15:00


Daca ii mai da Ratza vreo doua sfaturi renunta potentialul turist sa mai vina in Romania

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 14:18

Esti haios, ratza. Io so fani, dac. Spune-i sa aiba grija si de portofel, de ceas, de taximetriste... Mai spune-i ca in trecutul nu foarte indepartat erau niste haiduci care aveau obiceiul sa ceara 5 lei. Vezi sa nu-si uite spray-ul, nunchaku sau rozeta.

Welcome to Romania, the land of choice!

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 12:22

I'm not sure if I understood correctly your track in Făgăraș: Transfăgărășan - Podragu / Podragu - Sîmbăta chalet / Sîmbăta chalet - Sîmbăta de Sus (statiune).

The chalets have reasonable supplies and prices, but on most of them you need to call twice: first one to book a sleeping place (call a few days before) and the second to confirm (call in the day you reach it). Maybe other people around here will give more information, as I prefer the tent

I don't know what to say about the sleeping bag's comfort temperature. It may suffice if you sleep in the lodge. Some weeks ago I met a group of four Israeli girls when I was with my bike in Cindrel. Although there was around 30°C in the shade, the girls were wearing way too many clothes while sweat fell of me like a waterfall. Be prepared for temperatures below 0°C. A rain proof layer combined with a thicker fleece are enough for most of us, but I really have no idea on how you will cope with low temperatures.

Don't leave your backpack unattended as you might kiss it goodbye. There are cases in which tourists were robbed while sleeping in their tents. Another issue, especially in Făgăraș: pay attention to the dogs! Most of them treat you as a danger and they act accordingly. Some shepherds are plain idiots and will amuse themselves by urging dogs on the tourists. Don't get intimidated and hit any threatening cur as hard as you can, there are enough rocks to do that.

Joi, 13 septembrie 2012 - 08:38


Wow, the links have been very helpful!
I'll definitely try to work in a more detailed post now so, we're going to be a group of 5 or 6 travelling together.
We're landing in Bucharest and going up to Sinaia, go to the Bucegi by cable car, maybe get bikes up there go do the ladder trail on Canionul Sapte Scari and moving on to Brasov and Zarnesti and then the interesting part begins
We plan on going up from Zarnesti to Caraiului and stay at cabana Curmatura, do a round trail (where we could use some advice, alekstar has given me a lot of advice already ) Ending back up at the Cabana and going back down to Zarensti the next day.
From there we want to go and trek the Trans Fagaras, from the Cabana on the access road to Podragu, then to Sambata and finally to Statiunea.
For all these we've taken 2 extra days in case of bad weather reports so we can delay the begining of each trek.
I wanted to ask amongst other things what kind of supplies do the cabana's supply you with and do we need to book them in advance? (We'll be there around the end of September)
From there only two of us want to continue on and go to Retezat (the others have to go back home.) What would be the best way to get there and do there? We have an option of setting up base in Salasu de sus which sounds to me like a great option, but we're flexible.
We have a week left (barely) at this point and we need to spend the last couple of days in Bucharest.

As for equipment, I'm looking into sleeping bags as I don't really have one and feel like I'll need one for the Fagaras. The sites seem to be a little cheaper than what I can find here but I think in that case I'm better off knowing I have one with me before leaving. The one I'm looking at is -1C for males, should be enough right?
Will we need ski jackets or will a rain proof layer do?

Thank you again!

Miercuri, 12 septembrie 2012 - 23:26


Oh, and regarding how well would you get along in the mountains : interacting with the other tourists will be easy, a good share of them speak english. Local shepards don't, neither their dogs :-P (you'll just get barked on, basically)

If you say on marked tracks, have maps and proper equipment you should be fine. But always ask other people information like the condition of the track and what not.

Luni, 10 septembrie 2012 - 22:51


Hi there,

I think you need to provide more information, your questions are rather general. What are you looking for? Hiking/climbing? Rocky/forested? How difficult? What's your background/experience? Based on this, people will be able to recommend something appropriate.

I can tell you the most popular mountains, but this doesn't necessarily mean they're "the best" ... just popular :-)

Fagaras - highest, extensive, decent access by road
Bucegi - very good access by road, plus it even has 2 cable cars
Piatra Craiului - fair access

Look them up, you'll gen an idea.

There's specialized shops that sell equipment, like

I have no idea about rentals though.

Good luck!

Luni, 10 septembrie 2012 - 22:43

Hi there. All th mountains from Romania are friendly, but some of them select who their friends are. It really depends on your experience.

There are a lot of stores with technical equipment, most of them sell also online. If you go on this link:
and search for "echipament montan" you'll get a list of stores' websites.

National currency to euro exchange rate can be found really easily, just open Google and write something like this: "400 lei in euro".

Luni, 10 septembrie 2012 - 22:32


I'm going to Romania for the first time, can't believe I haven't been there yet and I need some advice on where to go and how well a non-Romanian would get along in the mountains..
As well if I may ask about local availability and quality vs price of equipment.
Thanks for any advice or help you can provide!

Luni, 10 septembrie 2012 - 19:16

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