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  Forum Trasee / Ture Winter expedition in the Romanian Carpathians (4)
"knock any door you like, they will be happy to have as a guest and join them for lunch or dinner"
That is true only for Maramures region unfortunately, not for all the country - don't try that in Moldavia or anywhere else.
In Maramures, as I was coming down from the mountain after 4 days, being dirty and tired, I didn't even have to knock at a door, I was directly invited in a peasant's house, whom I didn't formerly know, for a hot meal. Firstly I was a litlle bit ashamed and I refused politely, but she didn't take no for an answer.

Joi, 13 ianuarie 2011 - 15:10


Wow ... Thank You for your post. Correct link is

A lot of your suggestions already we have in our plans. Thank you very much for any advice and certainly we will use them also for subsequent expeditions. In Poland we have a problem with good maps of the Romanian mountains, but sometimes we buy something during the trip.
In 22 Jan we start our tip from Bieszczady Mountais Polnad and goes to Tokaj. Next day we will go to Lacul Rosu. We were in the Bicaz Chei in summer, but it was too crowded. Maybe now will be better. So until 24 Jan. we will be at good in Romania. Traditional meal - "knock any door you like, they will be happy to have as a guest and join them for lunch or dinner" .... wow, in our country is unique, so rather, we dare not.

again thank you very much


Joi, 13 ianuarie 2011 - 13:58

Sorry, the link doesn't work, but as I can understand from your post you'll be visiting the region and mountains of Maramures.
Though all the region is absolutely fantastic there are some things yuo shall not miss in the region.
The first that comes into my mind is to take a trip with the so called "mocanita" a train with steam and narrow railwyas, used formerly and even now for wood transportation. As far as I know it is the only one still functional in Romania and you can take from Viseul de Sus. It usually goes into the mountain till Faina (that means flour in Romanian) - a 35 km in total, but in the winter it may have a shorter route. There is a possibility to take acomodation there, and than, the next day take a trip to Toroiaga.
Another best choice is to take a visit in the Poienile de sub Munte village, especially if it possible for you to be there in a Sunday, when everybody goes to church dreseed in national folk clothes (that are very beautifull). From there you shall not miss the mountain of Rugasu where you can stay over night in wood shelters from the fold there. The next day you can go to Farcau and Pop Ivan (at the border with Ukraine) peaks. The trail to Rugasu fold is a forest road, unmarked but the path its obviuos. You need a good map of the region, a topo map if possible (I can give you one if you want). The trails to Farcau and Pop Ivan are also unmarked, but easy to find when the weather is good. You shall not try them in case of dense fog unless you have a compass ans a good map.
There is also the Borsa Spa with very nice sky trails, and many hiking paths start from there, they are well marked, but I haven't went on them to give more information.
If you go further East, from Campulung you can take a three hour trip to Rarau peak and see also Pietrele Doamnei (Ladie's stones). There is a nice hotel there. The next day you may want to go to Giumalau peak and stay over night there at a very nice old chalet, where the old spirit of the mountain still exist.
Not so mountaineous, but a must see, is the Happy Cemetery from Sapanta, where all crosses are painted with vivid colors and have a funny text on them (you shall find somebody to translate them, but you also have an English brochure with some of the best examples). Near it there is Sighetu Marmatiei town where you shall visit the Etnographic museum and The Comunist Memorial Museum.
Last but not least, if you shall take a tradtional meal, not in a restaurant but at a peasan house (knock any door you like, they will be happy to have as a guest and join them for lunch or dinner; you shall also taste the traditional "Horinca" - very strong plum made double distilled alchohol drink). Unfortunately not many folks there know English but the gesture language will work fine .
I would want so much to join you, but unfortunately I can't take a week off from work. Maybe I can join for the 22-23 week-end, I will give a certain answer the next week.
Hoping this information was a bit helpfull to you,
kindest regards,

Joi, 13 ianuarie 2011 - 11:52



Together with friends, we are planning a January trip to the Romanian Carpathians. The planned route is contained in the Polish forum : I wonder if you could advise something to us? Maybe something is worth seeing in the region of Maramures or neighboring? Or maybe someone want`s to meet us ? It`s our first winter trip to Romania so I hope it will be amazing.

Any advice appreciated....


PS. Start - January 22 , Return - January 30

Duminic„, 9 ianuarie 2011 - 14:39

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