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Varful Padina Popii
Muntii Piatra Craiului

Voluntar in Carpati


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  Forum Trasee / Ture Piatra Craiului and Fagaras (3)
Since I was 16, I hiked on-trail and a lot more off-trail, carrying my food and storing it in my pack near me or inside my shelter.
Bears have a lot of common sense and they are wary of humans.
I'm 31 now, no claw marks, no fractures, no scars that I didn't cause myself, still breathing, kicking and bitching.

On my closest encounters I only saw the big, bouncy bear butt running away after noticing my presence.
There are places, like those near roads in the Bucegi mountains where drivers/tourists fed and keep feeding bears for sharing photos of them on facebook.

But usually this is not the case.
Bears venturing in the alpine area are more concentrated on sheep and goats that stand crowded in a fenced hurd.
They don't bite, claw or sting, don't run or kick. It's like an all-you-can-eat boufet. Bears like those.

Even dog sheppards are not as dangerous as portrayed. Having the correct attitude towards an extremely loyal, to men l, animal will get anybody a lot of furry friends - not enemies.
Yes, sheppard dogs bark loudly. But that's about it. A dog pack that charges to kill is silent and stealth not loud and smelly.

You're traveling in two. There's virtualy no chance to be harmed by animals. There's almost zero chances of seeing wildlife as a pair of humans is anything except quiet.

Learn to live in harmony with nature not against it, not in fear of it, not above it.
Give nature right of way. Know your limitations and keep wary of heroic acts.
You two will have a great time anywhere in the natural surroundings.

Luni, 18 august 2014 - 13:17



1. Bears are not nearly as big a problem as shepherd dogs so avoid sheep herds if you can. What bears are concerned, if you keep your food 50-100m away from the tent everything will be ok.
2. Huts in Piatra Craiului: Curmatura in the east, Plaiul Foii in the middle and Brusturet in the SW. There are more but these should be enough. Do not confuse Huts (Cabana/Cabane) with Shelters (refugiu). You can find shelters on the ridge (Ascutit 1/3 distance from N to S and Grind, about 2/3 from N to S) I do not recommend using them as they are intended for emergencies. You can camp next to the huts, it is really safe, or on the ridge but there are very few places wide enough for a tent.
3. For Piatra Craiului's ridge you will need 2 days.
4. Făgăraș is a really big ridge and I do not know it well but maybe you can tell me what you are interested in: challenge or scenery?

Duminică, 17 august 2014 - 23:41


We are two tourists trying to plan a 5-7 days trek in the Carpathians (fist time in romania - the trip is later this month). We were thinking about starting from the Piatra Craiului and after that hiking west along the Fagaras - maybe even all the way to Transfagarasan road.
We would be extremely grateful for any advice on how to make this trip. Where to sleep (we are afraid to put a tent because of the bears), where can we find food and water, which trails should we take and so on...
Thanks a lot,

Marți, 12 august 2014 - 22:18

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