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  Forum Trasee / Ture Nera Valley - Cheile Nere (6)
If you want to spend the night at the camping near Ochiu Beiului Lake you can also drive till there, there is no need to walk and leave your car 5 km away.

Vineri, 25 februarie 2011 - 13:46


Hello Bogdan,

I want to thank You very much for all informations about Ch. Nerei. It was very helpful and we shall use them in May. We start our trip from Podul Bei and propably we will spend night near of Ochiul Beiului Lake. Once again thank you very much for your help.


Luni, 21 februarie 2011 - 21:26

Hello Kate,

I went in Nera Valley last year in August. We made the folowing circuit:
Carbunari - Ogasul Porcului - Lacul Dracului - Cheile Nerei - Cantonul Damian - Podul Beiului -
Sasca Romana - Sasca Montana - Carbunari. All this circuit took about 12 hours. The road to Carbunari was ok.

I can't answer the question regarding Poiana Meliugului because I was not there.

The road Potoc - Socolari - Podul Beiului is in good condition now, unfortunately is a little tight so drive carefully.

At Podul Bei you will find a parking place for 5-6 cars. The road from Podul Bei to Cantonul Damian was ok for an off-road car. The distance to Podul Beiului to Cantonul Damian is about 5km - one hour walking.

Pay attention to the period when you go to Cheile Nerei. I know that in May the river is high and you must cross it directly through the water. The people from Salvamont told us that May is ideal to go through Cheile Nerei by..boat!

I also suggest you to go Ochiul Beiului Lake and Beusnita Waterfalls, a very beautiful area. You can reach there from Podul Beiului folowing a marked forrest road. You can also camp near Cantonul Ochiul Beiului.

And I have one more suggestion and I promise you that it will be tha last: The path Podul Beiului - Sasca Romana is very spectacular, you are passing through some tunnels, I'm sure you will love it.

Luni, 21 februarie 2011 - 13:41


Hi Ice,

thank you for info. We would like to hike through the valley but we can`t leave our car some where on the main road. We will have everything for two weeks in our cars, so we afraid of leaving them some where. That is why we want to drive by car as far as it is possible and start from there our hiking. So we want to know, could it is possible to arrive to Cantonul Damian?



Luni, 21 februarie 2011 - 11:57


Hi Kate,

I'll try to give you some information/hints about Cheile Nerei, but it may be out-of-date since I was there around 5 years ago, hopefully the place didn't change much in this time..

The area isvery beautiful and I suggest you take advantage of the this and left the off-road car some where on the main road and hike through the valley. We left the car in Sopotul Nou and hike to Lacul Dracului (Devil's Lake) and camped there, sure was a mistery night there, I've head footsteps around the tent all night long Then we hiked to Cantonul Daminan but I remember we did't camp there as planed because there was no water source near by (it should be a spring there, but is was dried at that time) and we keep going to fishing station near Beusnita Waterfall and Ochiul Beiului Lake where there was a camping. I remember we've encountered a road after Cantonul Damian and walk on it till Beusnita area, it may be the road you said it was impassable.. Then we found a car to take us to Sasca Montanta and from there another one to Sopotul Nou where our car was.


Luni, 21 februarie 2011 - 10:40


I would like to ask you about some information about the Nera valley. In our plans for May we have visiting this place. I would like to know if it is possible to get by off-road car from the Dristie to Poiana Meliugului? We would like to spend the night there in tents and in the morning we would like to go to Cantonul Damian and return on the same day. And the second option is to get to Cantonul Damian from Potoc, but in last year e have a problem with that, because road was impassable. If there is any access to Cantonul Damian for cars, now ?
I will be very gratefull for any information.


Vineri, 18 februarie 2011 - 17:05

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