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  Forum Cabane / Refugii Help Español trekking carpatos (6)

Amazing! Thakns for the App Nanta that is a great help and solve many of my problems, it include GPS and thats is fantastic. I use Oruxmaps APP but I lack of a rumanian map, and online data present some problem cause I have a spanish phone company.

Amazing too the Jepii Mici route Victoranica! I saw some video in youtube and said "I have to do it".Any way I have to ask my mates because they are no so experienced and we will carry relatibely big backpacks.

Thanks both,I have to reordenate my ideas now. I will write again for sure.

Vineri, 31 martie 2017 - 20:49


Hey Eduardo,

I would suggest that you install the application "Muntii Nostri" on your smartphone (iOS/Android) and lookup the routes that are interesting for you. It has a map for the Bucegi Mountains up to date (you need to download it inside the application). Depending on the path you would choose, comment here and we could tell you the difficulties that you may encounter or give you suggestions based on your experience.

Have a nice trip,

Vineri, 31 martie 2017 - 12:46

HI Eduardo,

If you are used to challenging trekking routes and you are not afraid of trails on the edge, you could climb directly from Busteni on Jepii Mici route (it is marked with a blue cross). The ascent up to Caraiman takes roughly 3.5 - 4 hours, average paced. From here you can reach Babele in 45 m and yes, there s plenty of time to descend to Pestera or to Padina, where you can find good accommodation also. Be aware to book in time if you plan on coming in July during Padina Fest.
The total amount of time required for this route (Busteni - Caraiman - Babele - Pestera) amounts to ~ 8 h. Add some extra 90 m for visiting the famous Caraiman Cross, Babele and Sfinx rocks.

Have a nice trip !

Joi, 30 martie 2017 - 21:57


Thanks a lot Victornica,

that was some good pieces of advise. My original plan was for the first day Sinaia, Caraiman Peak and down to Babele to sleep, the second day would be just, a walk to Pestera and visit the place and lazy a bit. We try to aboid carry a tend. Do you think if we go direct to Pestera would be too much?

Gracias amigo.

Joi, 30 martie 2017 - 21:32

Hello Eduardo,

As far as I know, no , they don't have an email address and chances are, they don't speak English, either.
I would recommend you the Caraiman chalet, who has both a website and an email address :
I don't know if these guys speak English, but you can try writing them, who knows..

One hour south from Babele you will find Piatra Arsa complex, which can provide far better accomodation and meals. Truth to tell you, I've heard lots of bad rumour about Babele.

Camping is an option, of course, but in Bucegi you'd better be careful if you plan on sleeping in a tent; at least keep your food at a safe distance, as these mountains have a reputation for curious bears.

If you have further questions, just list them here.

Cheers and welcome to Romania !

Joi, 30 martie 2017 - 00:02



I am spanish and I am trekking the carpatos this summer. Sorry but dont speak Rumanian.

I am looking for some help for it.

Any body know if Bable Cabana has a email?, I only have found a telephone number but I dont know if I could comunicate. I speak English, I bit of french and Spanish of course.

Some body can help me?

Soy español y voy de trekking a los carpatos este verano. Lo siento, pero no hablo rumano.

Estoy buscando un poco de ayuda.

¿Algien sabe si Bable Cabana tiene un correo electrónico ?, sólo he encontrado un número de teléfono, pero no sé si podría comunicarse. Hablo ingles, un poco de francés y español, por supuesto.

¿Alguien puede ayudarme?


Miercuri, 29 martie 2017 - 21:47

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